Current Stock Levels

Here’s our current Ham Supply product stock levels and shipping dates.  Instead of changing our main page every few days with updates, we believe you’ll agree it’ll be much easier (and less confusing) to update this page as product statuses change.  This is a dynamic page so visit it often if you have a Ham Supply product in mind.  Click on any product to view its description.

ProductShippingStock LevelNotes
Rotor-EZ With RS-232 (Hy-Gain) Assembled/TestedShips Now!High4
Rotor-EZ With RS-232 (Hy-Gain) KitShips Now!High3
Rotor-EZ No RS-232 (Hy-Gain) Assembled/TestedShips Now!High2
Rotor-EZ No RS-232 (Hy-Gain) KitShips Now!High1
Keyer - K-5 Keyer Assembled/TestedShips Now!HighNew chassis/cover16
Keyer - CMOS 4 Keyer Assembled/TestedShips Now!High15
Keyer - CMOS 4 Keyer KitShips Now!High14
LogiTALKER Voice Keyer Assembled/TestedDiscontinued (Aug, 2017)N/A19
Ameritron Amplifier OverlayShips Now!High20
Yaesu Illuminator LED Board Assembled/TestedShips Now!HighNew product10
Hy-Gain Illuminator LED KitShips Now!High8
Hy-Gain Illuminator LED Board Assembled/TestedShips Now!HighNew product9
RotorCard Computer Control for Yaesu SDX Rotor ControllersShips Now!HighNew PCB - price lowered7
RotorCard Computer Control for Yaesu DXA/DXC Rotor ControllersShips Now!HighNew PCB6
Books - "A Year of DX" by Bob Locher W9KNIShips Now!High21
Books - "The Complete DX'er" by Bob Locher W9KNIShips Now!High22
Books - “Contesting in Africa” by G3SXWShips Now!High23
Books - “Up Two” by G3SXWShips Now!High24
Keyer - CMOS 3 Partial KitShips Now!High13
SCAF-1 Bandpass Filter KitShips Now!HighNew chassis/cover11
SCAF-1 Bandpass Filter Assembled/TestedShips Now!HighNew chassis/cover12
ALL Cables, Cables Sets and Power CordsShips Now!High26
Rotor-EZ (Hy-Gain) Upgrade to RS-232 KitShips Now!High5
Samlex SEC-1250UL 12V/50A Power SupplyShips Now!HighNew product25
Replacement Chips for K3, K-5 and CMOS III KeyersShips Now!HighNew product18
Replacement Chips for CMOS 4 KeyersShips now!HighNew product17
USB to RS232 Converter Cable (FTDI Chipset)Ships Now!High27
DXA/C-6′ Cable, Yaesu Front Panel Rotor Control CableShips Now!HighNew product28
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