Super CMOS 3 Partial Keyer Kit

Ham Supply/Idiom Press CMOS 3 Partial Keyer KitThe Super CMOS 3 Keyer Kit

All the features of the K-5 Keyer are also offered as a partial kit, the Super CMOS 3 Keyer.  All features of the K-5 are included, except for the capability of keying negative voltages, which however can be added, and for which details are included.  The partial kit consists of the PC board, the keyer CPU and memory chip, and all on-board parts.  Included is a construction guide, as well as a comprehensive operating manual and a tutorial to get you going quickly.

The builder will need to supply an enclosure, 6 good quality push buttons, a 5 VDC power source, a speaker, a 100k linear potentiometer, and all input and output connectors.

View our library of keyer documentation, in handy Adobe PDF format.

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Pricing and Ordering

Add The Ham Supply Super CMOS 3 Partial Keyer Kit To Your Shopping CartSuper CMOS 3 Partial Kit:  $58.95

New Replacement K-5, K-3 & CMOS III Preprogrammed Processor and EEPROM Chip Set:  $24.95

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